Sell more with
Facebook ads and a Facebook store

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Help shoppers find your business with
Facebook Ads


Our industry-leading integration will let you list your products on Lazada directly from the
Quikstore control panel, with centralized inventory and order processing and fulfillment.

List your catalog
It takes just a click to send your entire catalog to Facebook. Any
changes made in your ecommerce website are automatically synced
with Facebook Store.

Merchandise your products
You can organize your products into collections and even tag them in
photos to improve visibility and highlight your best sellers on social
media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Mobile-friendly shopping
The Facebook Shop section offers a beautiful online shopping
experience on all mobile devices, letting you showcase your products
on any screen.

Choose your checkout
You have the option to let shoppers check out right on Facebook for
reduced friction, or have them click through to check out on your store.